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Plant material is by far the most essential aspect of design. Trees, shrubs and perennials, with their almost unlimited variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, add a distinctive touch and will enhance any landscape.

Carefully selected plant material is a beautiful way to blend yards of homes, or any structure, into the surroundings. In addition to their aesthetic value, plant material provides privacy and a feeling of security. Plants placed in key locations can soften architectural lines, create privacy barriers, and add a lush garden feel to your home.

We offer complete landscape design and installation service that will be custom to your individual needs and wants as well as site demands and budget. Our state of the art computer imaging software is the latest design technology. Our designer will use the information collected to create a computer generated plan and image proposal. At that point we will discuss the proposal and make any necessary enhancements to ensure your custom design meets your needs and wants. It’s just a matter of time before that proposal comes to life! We look forward to designing and installing your personal landscape portrait!


Retaining walls and paver walks and patios are all examples of hardscapes. Retaining walls offer the choice to add color, shape, pattern, and texture to any landscape. You can transform gentle slopes into more interesting landscape features and help tame steep, problem hillsides into an attractive, usable part of the landscape. Paver walkways and patios offer an outdoor extension of your home’s living space. The natural beauty of stone adds a great deal of appeal and charm to your home. There are a number of specialty structures that can be created that will compliment any hardscape design. For example, mailboxes, fountains, firepits, pillars, grills, and seatwallls. Let Summer Green design and build the hardscape you have been dreaming of.

Snow & Ice Control

“Plowing the way for others to follow”

Our snow and ice control division has been serving the Chicago suburban area since 1999. Our clients include corporate retail, industrial, government & medical buildings. The prestige of our client list & the retention rate we maintain are a testimony to the quality of our service, the fairness of our prices, and our commitment to making customers properties safe for their employees, clients and customers.

Summer Green employs multiple layers of 24-hour electronic and personal monitoring of approaching weather to ensure the fastest possible response time.

Our supervisors and personnel pay special attention to a variety of circumstances and conditions:

-> Intersection vision problems caused by snow piles.
-> Black ice and wind-blown snow. (Drifting)
-> That all handicap spots and fire lanes are cleared.
-> Previous snow notes w/ specific directions from your property manager are taken care of.

During lesser snow events that occur during regular weekday working hours, we will dispatch trucks to clear lanes & entrances for cars to travel safely and then proceed to clear the whole lot after the work day ends. In larger snow events snow can be relocated or hauled away from the property.

Salting operations begin simultaneous with the local municipality’s salt trucks. When an ice or snow event is expected during or immediately prior to a regular work day an advance application of deicing material can be applied to provide preliminary coverage. This application works to prevent te bonding of snow and ice to paves services. The morning after a snowfall we will dispatch a checkup crew to salt any areas that might have refrozen.


Landscape lighting invites you outdoors. For many, darkness brings on a sense of wonder and tranquility. Every home is our canvas. Every light is our brush. With aluminum, copper, brass, and stainless steel, we transform homes with a custom-crafted palette of light. Light that bathes garden paths in a soft, inviting glow and holds the night at bay on homes, decks, patios, walkways and pools.

This is the security and comfort of a home designed and installed by Summer Green Landscaping, lit with weather-safe fixtures to last for many years to come. Our professional line of landscape lighting assures the flexibility your home deserves.

Don't let the sun set on your beautiful home. Paint the night with design and installation by Summer Green Landscaping. Call us today for a free "demo" of nightscape on your home!